Being Addicted To The Path
makes the path pointless.

If we become addicted to the trappings of religion, we lose the whole point. Having lost the point, our genuine intelligence and genuine inspiration weaken, and we become half-hearted, being satisfied with merely going through the motions. We may be whole-hearted and fully enthused by the rituals, but half-hearted in our compassionate activity – what we actually do.

We are probably hoping for some special supernatural miracle to happen.
That just keeps us guessing.

Religion – and spiritual practice in particular – does give us ‘special powers’; it brightens our energy, but we can be seduced by this. We could be in danger of wanting to be admired, and therefore we manipulate. When we manipulate, we lack empathy. These are the perfect conditions for narcissism, and this perpetuates the addiction.

If we return continuously to the beginning – to beginner’s mind – we reconnect with our origin of merely being.

We don’t bite off more than we can chew.
Start with knowing and stay with knowing.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    I was born “knowing all, and understanding nothing” due to the veil placed over me by God and my grandparents that was lifted within just the past few years. I’ve been on a lifelong adventure always asking questions and observing others and their actions and motives. Ridiculed and almost always attacked for speaking my truth and honest observations.
    Searching to know and understand who and what I am and why certain people will not answer questions about my family history/tree. God/Source has led me to the answers in his sweet time..not how or when I wanted….he forced me to learn patience and humility . I am the driver of this human vessel and am always prompted which direction to go by God/Source and the holy spirit…which I swear resides in my solar plexus and my heart !
    Those constant out of body experiences and dreams that seemed like movie scenes that were out of order and I couldn’t put them in order no matter how I try…. I now fully understand why certain people/groups were always following and spying on me, why the govt put implants to attempt to control and disable my DNA birthright abilities.
    Through it all……Somehow both unconsciously and fully awakened, I’ve experienced both crucifixion and raising of the dead through these many “spiritual experiences” that have been my path while still alive in this worn out body. And it’s all because of the DNA I was created from, which has been a curse and a blessing, and had showed me death is not to be feared at all.
    This is my truth and testimony and I stand behind it 100% !
    I can trace my family history on mothers side to “Dighton Rock” and the Portuguese Templars and the Portuguese Pilgrims that landed up the Taunton River in Dighton Mass in the year 1511 ! They were Portuguese Sephardic jews being protected by Templars
    My Grt Grandpa Domingo was/is a descendant of the Portuguese Pilgrims & Templars (Knights of The Order of Christ), that landed at “Dighton Rock” in Mass in 1511. That’s more than100 yrs before the English Protestant pilgrims landed at Plymouth, Mass out on Cape Cod and put the date 1620 on the big rock in Plymouth now called “Pymouth Rock”. You never were taught about this in school for some very suspicious and nefarious reasons that lead directly back to the RCC & Vatican.
    Grt Grandpa Domingo owned a farm in Dighton,Mass. with a brook running through it that leads directly back to the Taunton River just north of Dighton Rock,(use google earth~ Brook St. Dighton Mass USA ~and where the street crosses the brook was all my family land) and he’s buried in Dighton near where the video I will give a link to was created ….
    The name Domingo is Latin meaning “Belonging to God” ! His daughter(granny) married a Pacheco who’s bloodline goes back to pre-roman times.
    Try to debunk this truth…I dare you ! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    “The Odyssey of the Portuguese Jews” By ManuelLuciano da Silva, MD
    It was a remarkable success. The cultural conference,entitled “The Odyssey of the Portuguese Jews”, was held on Sunday, February 21,1999, in the main amphitheater of the new building of the Faculty of Economics at Roger Williams University (Bristol, Rhode Island). Even before the scheduled time the room was filled to capacity including the lateral corridors.
    The subject matter had awakened such avid interest in the cultural history of NewEngland that a large audience was drawn from numerous localities in Rhode Island as well as from neighboring states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and even New York. Various groups had to be turned away because there was no more room in the amphitheater!
    The conference was convened by Mr. Steven Gorban, director of the group called “Saudades-Sephardic Project”, whose objective is to converge all the good intentions of Portuguese Sephardic Jews, uniting in a brotherly manner and in communion with all the Portuguese scattered throughout theworld. continued here:

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