I Will Always Be Confused!
We see the manifestation of the spectrum of colours,
but it’s still just white light!

My ‘I’ identification will always be confused. It’s confused about itself, about people, about activities, about religions, about spiritual practices…and unfortunately, this confusion brings about fear, which breeds doubt, and more confusion.

The good news is that our pure, essential nature (white light) is never confused, because it is this pure essential nature that notes the confusion!!! How can pure essence ever be confused? That’s crazy. This light is natural to every being: the essential nature of mind – pure awareness – is the essence of all sentient creatures. If a creature has a mind and makes decisions, then those decisions are made within the pure essential nature of mind, whether the creature knows it or not.

We are told that we can only understand the nature of mind if we learn Sanskrit, Tibetan or Pali. This is not the case. We can learn ‘about’ the nature of mind, but this is not the same as genuine experience of the pure light. It may help a scholar to study and discuss these matters, but for one who wants to experience truth, the pure experience is beyond discussion. All the knowledge within Sanskrit, Tibetan or Pali describes experiences that are within us, and that are available to us now.

Even the ‘foreign’ practices we do are not the real thing: from the perspective of pure essential nature, these practices are irrelevant. This is emphasised in the completion stage in Vajaryana practice, where we rest in emptiness at the end of visualisation. Practices are a backup plan that serve as a foundation, but at the end of a practice of developing an construct, we blow the roof off!

We can experience pure awareness, because we are this pure awareness – nuff said! Religions and spiritual paths can make up all sorts of contrivances, but it all comes down to being natural, and then expressing this in our own unique way. If this is clarity is genuine, then it cannot be made up.

There are many complex, detailed practices in visualisation, but it’s rare to discover the precise meaning of these practices. Books are full of instructions, but why we are actually doing the practice can remain a mystery! Do we have to acquire a foreign culture to understand our own nature? Or is it just more confusion, causing us to act strangely?

Confusion is unnecessary. Our outer world may appear to be colourful; this is due to the accumulation of past, collective, mistaken ideas.

When we split white light, we get colours.
White light manifests as colours, but it is still white light.

Keep it simple.
Confusion is unnecessary.
Light is synonymous with clarity.

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