Chasing The Rainbow?

There are many sayings that can be viewed from an entirely different perspective. This is to do with the nine levels of understanding, with the same words having superior meaning. We all move through stages, rather like being imprisoned and having to pass through several locked doors: trying to force our way through doesn’t work. We merely have to acknowledge the situation and stand back, and the door opens naturally.

Some years ago, I was told by a Tibetan lama that Buddhism can only be destroyed from within. Of course, my first thought was, “Is he saying that I am the one who will destroy Buddhism?” 😉 The effect of this was a feeling that I should keep in line.

It’s funny how one has to understand many elements in order to join up the dots. Every day, in Buddhism, we chant the refuge prayer… “Until enlightenment I go for refuge, in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.”

“Until enlightenment”: what does that mean? Is it merely resting in rigpa? In pure awareness? That would be a momentary enlightenment. Complete enlightenment must be when pure awareness is present all the time: timeless pure awareness.

Interesting. If nothing else exists within pure awareness-emptiness, then there is no Buddhism. No Buddha. No Dharma. No Sangha. Everything is destroyed naturally. “Buddhism can only be destroyed from within” is what practice of meditation is all about – to arrive at non-meditation, non-duality. No meditator.

The physicality of Buddhism can be destroyed: demolishing monasteries, killing monks and nuns, burning books – even promoting incomplete teachings. But how can pure awareness be destroyed? Pure awareness is indestructible as it cannot be said either to exist, or not exist. It is neither matter nor an idea. Longing and fear can distract pure awareness, and have done so forever.

If we think that enlightenment is supernatural, that’s OK – but we may be waiting around for a very long time. Mental freedom is the important thing: liberation from our conceptual phantoms so that we can live at ease. We are, of course, limited by our physical body and the way in which we live: in a corrupt world of the super-controllers who do not want the general populace to know that they are being manipulated or that they, in fact, have freedom, we are constantly being fed fantasies to keep us separated and divided. They don’t want us to know that there is a simple way out because they only understand human frailties and thus don’t realise that they are caught in an even deeper dungeon.

We could spend our entire existence chasing colourful rainbows, which are merely temporary phenomena.

All we need to do is recognise our true nature of pure awareness and never be separated from this. It guarantees inner peace, while we still take care of whatever comes our way.

What could be more important than love without expectations?

Everything manifests within clear, white light.

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