The Illusory Nature of Emptiness

Merely saying, “It is emptiness”, isn’t emptiness.

We have to resolve this for ourselves, through direct experience.
But who is doing the resolving?

The word ’emptiness’ isn’t satisfactory for describing our pure essential nature. If we call it ‘shunyata’ or ‘dharmakaya’, you may ask. “What are shunyata or dharmakaya?” The traditional reply would be ’emptiness’.

In direct experience, there is nothing to say.
Awareness becomes aware of awareness and finds nothing but awareness. There is nothing else; it is empty of memories, judgements and stories. It is just pure awareness. That’s who is ‘resolving’.

Pure awareness answers all concerns.
We are pure, empty awareness – and so is all phenomena that arises, having no permanent existence, being merely a temporary creation. All appearances are illusory phantoms.

Recognising this is the indistinguishably between samsara and nirvana – hell and heaven.
Heaven is emptiness and hell is emptiness. Our true nature is emptiness and anything that arises also has the nature of emptiness: these are therefore indistinguishable. This is the unity of the two truths: one reflects the other.

Understanding that others do not understand can give rise to pure, empathetic compassion – or pure unempathetic evil, because confusion can be exploited. It is pure awareness that recognises the illusory nature of evil because evil wants everything to appear real, and therefore confusing.

Pure awareness is the most profound view in the universe…and beyond.

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