Actual Meditational Absorption

This is what all practices are about: total absorption, total oneness, total emptiness. The I identification is swallowed up! Self-surrender obtains unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, which is the spiritual experience of the apprehension of truth that is beyond the intellect.

Sit relaxed with the back straight, but not stiff. Eyes open, as with all the senses. The senses are barely aware. The eyes take in all that appears without looking or identifying. It is as if the whole scene, including peripheral objects, comes into the eyes at once. All are just light and shadows. The same goes for smell, touch, hearing and taste. This is pure perception, as the senses have no concepts. It is not a ‘state’ we go into. The I-activity in the mind ceases; there is merely awareness. No mental concepts of memories or judgements. We (pure awareness) are barely aware. Everything is slow and steady. Nothing is held onto or commented upon. We can reflect and comment later!

In truth, purely paying attention to anything is absorption, which means oneness without object or subject. There is no separation at that moment. We can chant prayers or mantras and be in absorption, but in meditation there is nothing doing – not even meditation. There may be moments of inspiration or ecstasy but we let those go, as they may become too exciting and attachment arises.

We need time to withdraw into such a practice. Gradually, the whole of life is practice of absorption. Actually, everything can have the ecstasy of absorption!

You see, we do not have to be clever to experience the source of wisdom.

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