I Cannot Find Pure Awareness”
“I cannot find myself”

Pure awareness is that which is aware of thoughts, without comment. No comment means no contamination. It is therefore pure emptiness: our empty essence.

The idea that pure awareness cannot be found is the ‘confusion of the path’ that never existed, as pure awareness was present before the thought, during the thought, and after the thought. It doesn’t matter whether the thought was good or bad: the very moment we recognise the confusion is the very moment of liberation.

Once we comment on an experience, we create a problem as we make the comment the reality, which is now in the past. Reality is the spontaneous presence of pure experience without comment. Commenting has no reality unless it is in touch with truth. At this moment, we seem to be imprisoned by our conceptual mind: awareness seems imprisoned by concepts. These concepts are merely a distraction for awareness.

Being aware is the key to opening the prison door. Pure awareness is stepping outside – “Gone, gone, gone beyond”. If, however, we want to communicate truth to others, we need one foot inside and one outside.

Emptiness is absolute reality; Dharmakaya.
Awareness is relative reality: Sambogakaya.
We need to see both as a unity.
This unity is compassion: Nirmanakaya

Emptiness without awareness is being lost in nihilism.
Awareness without emptiness is everything seeming to be real.
Eternalism: remembering and remembering.

Whatever seems to be our problem, there is always awareness present – but awareness can go one of two ways; it can either be aware of itself, or aware of other.

Don’t be put off by the word “pure”.
It just means that there is nothing added.
Don’t be put off by the word “evil”.
It is that something that is added.

Because of this constant, empty awareness, anything that arises within emptiness is a falsehood and has no reality. It just ‘seems’ real because we believe in it.

This non-reality is only seen by virtue of pure awareness which is the only reality.

Realisation is the Fruition of understanding that the path never existed, and we were the Ground – empty essence – all along.

Will this change my life?
There will be more joy and more sadness,
and therefore more compassion.

In truth,
the three poisons
– desire, aversion and ignorance –
are nothing other than the three kayas –
emptiness, awareness and compassion.

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