What Is Real Self?

The simple answer: in the stillness of mind, the real self is that which is aware of the question, “What is the real self?” This real self is not just aware; the awareness rests in its own awareness which is pure consciousness.

What is false self? The false self does not exist and never has existed: it only appears to exist when the real self doubts, gets involved and confuses itself.

Is it that simple?

The Buddha’s teaching is about negating everything that is created because nothing has any inherent reality and therefore does not last: that which remains cannot be denied. And that which remains is the real self – pure consciousness.

How does real self manifest? It manifests through love, to benefit others.
When the real self forgets its reality, it manifests through ignorance, compounding confusion.

This confusion is an accumulation of fixated ideas, called karma.
To the confused, this is something to be defended.
To the wise, it is merely a passing show.

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1 Response to WHAT IS REAL SELF?

  1. marcel says:

    “The real nature of what exists, which constitutes its truth, is therefore never entirely attainable. It has been sought by all the philosophers, but never really found. The further we penetrate into informed ignorance, the closer we come to the truth itself.”
    — De docta ignorantia – Nicolas de Cusa 1401 – 1464

    The real self has no name and cannot be found. It feels more like a return to learned ignorance. A sort of home coming after having done a 360°. The more we put our wisdoms and concepts aside the more there is space for welcoming, learning, and personal growth..

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