What Is The Meaning Of Life?

This is really two questions:

What is the meaning of life: this physical and mental existence?
What is the meaning of life: this pure consciousness?

Without addressing the second question, the first makes no sense, as pure consciousness is life itself.

Science says we evolved from primitive life forms. Scientists are using DNA to find out about our origins. This is fair enough, if we are talking here about physical bodies and the size of brains. We have evolved into clever life forms that can entertain themselves, and make things to sell. Is that the meaning of life? Are machines – that will do away with us – the next step in our evolution? If fed, our imaginations can take us anywhere and off we go!

Or is the meaning of life to realise what we are – pure consciousness that is aware of itself?

Unfortunately, this can only be experienced in disciplined practice. This is simple, but not easy. Merely saying that we are pure consciousness gets us nowhere. Whether we are a yogi in a cave or a town yogi, we sit in silence, resting in pure awareness, recognising pure consciousness and dropping it at every moment. If we do not drop it, we start making it into something…and then try to sell it!

Life has meaning, which is to realise pure, infinite conscious awareness. The body and mind are but a moment in the infinite. It’s important to know how you feel about this, and what you actually do – in the light that everything can be refined, and no conclusion is ever fixed.

Life is only depressing when we try to live up to others’ standards, which are meaningless.
When we live to our own standard of pure conscious awareness, everything has meaning.

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