Is Karma* Our Teacher?

We might pick up a book and flip through the pages, and find that our hand just stops: a word or sentence jumps out, and seems significant. Is that just ‘one of those things’, synchronicity, or karma? Our answer to this will depend on how we see life. Synchronistic karma is apparent all the time in the sense that a need is recognised and addressed, in order to bring about balance; if this recognition keeps happening, maybe that’s proof of karma as our teacher! There is constant evidence,; life is telling us something. Our interpretation will be dictated by our level of compassionate understanding.

Personally, I am astounded by how significant everything is – and how unsignificant everything is! At the same time, there are many interpretations of that significance – or insignificance! 😀 Sometimes, it feels as if there is just too much information, and for that reason, we need to step back and review all potentials without bias: we have to take responsibility for our actions and reactions.

Every response in the mind is a product from the past, isn’t it? Karma drives us to react in the same old way. But if we pause for a moment, and just stop the programme running, we slip into neutral – emptiness!

The situation is now active and alive: it is teaching. Remember that our path to enlightenment is our very own confusion that has to be dissolved (‘dissolved’ may not be quite the right word as this implies a reality to the confusion: it cannot be real as it is merely an impermanent, passing event). Caution is required here – as are empathy and compassion – because, being confronted by absolute truth without having taken the appropriate steps towards that, could close the other person down, and create bad karma in both parties. It’s important to avoid projecting our knowledge: it could come across as untimely preaching. Of course, one could argue that, if someone is in our vicinity, they are part of our karma, and we, theirs…

Whatever occurs or appears is always noted by pure consciousness. And whatever occurs or appears is due to karma, the result of previous actions. Pure consciousness sees everything: what we will honestly admit to is another story, because we spend most of our time projecting our ‘specialness’. The Buddhas would not consider themselves to be special, because they would see Buddha nature in every sentient being. The Buddhas only appear to be special because we are confused. Only confused people think they’re special 😉

The outer teacher merely shows the way to our inner teacher (intuition), and so we can consider all appearances to be our teacher; this is the teacher of all phenomena. Another word for ‘intuition’ is ‘clairvoyance’ – clear seeing! The seeing of potentials and the understanding of past actions which are being played out now, and which will replay themselves in the future if nothing cuts through the habitual patterning.

The Hegelian Dialectic describes the process of change in which change is manipulated by exaggerating the opposite in order to bring about the desired result. This is also known as ‘problem, reaction, solution’ and is the formula for control by divide and conquer.

If you can see ‘it’ coming, you won’t be surprised!

*Karma is the principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future suffering.

However, karma is a double-edged sword, as suffering is the cause for our spiritual journey – if we were always happy, we might not bother! 😀 😀 😀

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