Oh my God, I’m God!”
Put it this way, we’re not separate.

Am I free to say this?
What if that were true?

If we are, in truth, compassionate, omniscient* emptiness, then what else is God?

Some say, “God made Heaven and Earth”.
It is, however, compassionate, omniscient emptiness that makes heaven on earth.
When we do not recognise this compassionate, omniscient emptiness, we make hell on earth.

We all have free will to make a choice about how we see things. But is seeing believing – or is seeing knowing?

The whole point of being here on earth is to realise and know what we are, rather than believing we are something less. If this is true, what have we been led to believe for thousands of years? And … why?

Being sentient means to have the ability to perceive or feel things: so there is the potential to recognise that which is perceiving and feeling, and which is beyond this physical body and thoughts.

Scepticism in an open mind is the sane path of the middle way.
Without an open mind, scepticism turns to cynicism, closing the mind.
Being open minded – without scepticism – means your brain falls out.
Not too tight and not too loose; weigh it all up, and then see.

If it wasn’t for pure awareness – pure consciousness – God would not be known.
Ultimate truth can have no identity, and therefore no name.
But you can call it whatever you want



*’Omniscient’ is a word that means all-knowing. Whatever occurs in the universe of our mind is recognised by pure, compassionate, conscious awareness. That is what we are. We are not the occurrences, which are observable. Realising that all sentient beings have this very same pure nature, then we know the pure nature of all sentient beings throughout the universe. We also know the same obstacles that, as a result of ignorance, surround that pure nature: hatred, fear, desire, pride, jealousy. It’s very simple, and not at all complicated.

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