Discouragement In Our Spiritual Search
A loss of confidence or enthusiasm; dispiritedness.

This doesn’t apply either to those at street level or to advanced practitioners; just to those of us in the middle – the half-baked!

At street level, there is no consideration of spirituality, and at the advanced level there is nothing but spirituality. Caught in-between, we are still confused, seeking the spiritual but not totally clear about what we ‘supposed’ to be doing, having one foot in the material and one foot in the spiritual.

Being in the middle state – in the muddle state – we feel guilty and critical of others, and so still get upset. “I want to be a good person. I want to be regarded as a good person. What do I do? How can I laugh this off?”

Easy! 😀

Understand, experience and realise that that which recognises the feeling of discouragement (or whatever is experienced) is the goal. JUST SEE IT. The world is not going to change but you are, because there is now detachment from all that floating debris in the emptiness of mind.

Thoughts and emotions are just stuff; bits of programming, drifting in emptiness. “But I want to feel better!” That ‘wanting to feel better’ is merely a memory from the past still judging now – it’s part of the human programming of impure consciousness. Being half-baked will satisfy no one.

When we see it, we can never not see it … well done! 😀

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