I Am Disgusted!
And in my disgust, I have to find compassion.
But is it doable?

In general, humans are governed by desire, which is caused by ignorance of our desire-less nature. Because of this, we dash around, engaging in excessive activity, and getting frustrated and exhausted. The ultimate desire is to realise our true nature, which releases us from these harmful activities.

The other aspect which governs us is aversion to – or disgust for – what the world has become. This can either turn into destructive negativity, or switch us on to the first noble truth, where we admit that we are suffering, and start to look for the cause of that suffering.

Speaking personally, I try my best to accept the status quo but, looking around and seeing a society that is designed to keep everyone preoccupied with meaningless non-sense and thus distracted from the truth, I feel disgusted. Just look at the planet; it’s the same, everywhere we go. Mistrust, violence and a lack of guidance – and that’s just religion! Spiritual violence is subtle; “Conform, don’t rock the boat, and don’t ask why.”

The media feeds us mindless, idiotic rubbish which causes us to be reactive, judgemental and addicted – and therefore, predictive! We are made to believe that we are in the ‘know’ when in fact, we’re just being led by the nose. Vacuous social networking harvests our personal information in exchange for likes that are supposed to give life meaning and promote self-esteem, and we evolve into ‘celebrities’ in our own minds.

Confused, we escape into alcohol, tobacco, drugs, social pretentiousness, religion – and of course, digital heroin! We seek happiness but this always turns out to be empty of any lasting satisfaction. We are in fact striving to keep ourselves dumbed down and numb to everything around us. People cannot help themselves, and need to know that there is a choice.

I’m disgusted with it all. Society; what is it? Collective, mindless conformity.

So where’s the compassion? In the sudden shock of realising that, deep down, everyone else feels the same. And if I condemn them, then I am just part of the collective violence.

How do we rise above all this?

I have spent most of my life practising, and felt that I couldn’t help anyone … until a teacher told me that I had wasted at least 25 years in ‘idiot meditation’. You can imagine how devastating that was, and how angry it made me! That’s when I reviewed everything … everything … which took another 10 years!

Our destiny is beyond our own minds.
It doesn’t need to conform.
It doesn’t need not to conform.

When required, it can conform: if drastic action needs to be taken to protect others, then that action has to be pursued. That is the way of a Bodhisattva, who will accept the consequences of that action. Love is tough!

“Do good.
Do no harm.
Tame the mind.”
The Buddha really did know what he was talking about!

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2 Responses to I AM DISGUSTED!

  1. su says:

    Well you have supported, informed and validated the deepest in me. Intentional or not, that might be considered ‘help’. Thank you. Love.

  2. marcel says:


    Yes, and sad.

    …It is as it is.

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