A Little Hope And A Little Fear

What if ““Enlightenment”” – with all those supernatural powers – wasn’t a reality,
and there are merely little enlightenments?

It is said that, up until ““enlightenment””, we will have some desires and aversions, because we are still bound by a little ignorance. We haven’t totally let go.

The reality of our enlightened nature – pure empty awareness – still stands, but there is no proof of supernatural powers that are of any more use than pure awareness itself. There are exotic stories from the culture of the past which have been taken literally, and actually create big hopes and big fears. These ideas control our minds, blinding us and encouraging us to indulge in wishful thinking, while fearing where we are now and hoping to be better in the future.

We can still be enlightened about our true nature, and the fact that all phenomena is an empty, impermanent illusion. Becoming supernatural beings, however, may not be a reality, save that there may be existence after death. Have you met anyone with extraordinary powers? One that wasn’t a projection of your own mind?

We can be happy and intelligent now, which paves the way for enlightenments. If we accept that, as we progress, we will have little hopes and little fears, then hopes and fears will not rule our life – and, most importantly of all, we need not feel guilty.

Of course, if we limit ourselves to the hypothesis that there is ““enlightenment”” in the future, we may live in big hope and big fear, which will cause all sorts of problems, such as entering into a nihilistic, depressing state where things seem pointless (been there, done that 😉 ). So, we have to wind back from this extreme.

On the other hand, if we say that “”enlightenment”” is nonsense, then we believe we are merely a collection of chemicals, thoughts and emotions. This, as we know, creates suffering, so we have to wind back from this approach too.

Winding back from both sets of ideas, we find that we are in the middle-way: “Not too tight and not too loose.”

If we go chasing after ““enlightenment””, we will never be satisfied now, and will always be looking to the future. And (sorry to say), this longing – which is natural – may be used by those who have grand ideas about their spiritual set up.

We have – or rather are – pure empty awareness, now. For a practitioner, merely resting in contentment with the moment is no big deal. It is our life we are talking about, and in that contentment we can help others, student helping student to realise little enlightenments.

We all have awareness, and when we look into this awareness, we find nothing but awareness. It is empty of considerations. This empty awareness is what we are. This is pure consciousness. We have now moved from impure consciousness to pure consciousness. Good isn’t it!? That is an enlightenment.

Of course, our physical life may not improve dramatically, because of all the havoc we have created in the past (been there, done that 😉 ) – and we also have to put up with the havoc others have created, and are still creating 😀 😀 😀

As we progress and process, we attain more enlightenments.

We must take our life in our own hands.
‘Spiritual’ teachers are too busy to deal with our spiritual welfare.
We endow them with qualities which we already are.

We are little Buddhas.
Enlightenment is now.
It’s yours, now.
It’s not someone else’s.

If we think that enlightenment is something else,
we will merely live in great hope and great fear.

Of course, it would be wonderful to be proved wrong 🙂

Isn’t it the little things in life that make it amazing?

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