Changing Who We Are To What We Are
I’m not the person I was

The past is complex, but presents itself now – now is the product of the past. Our present moment is therefore a product of our past. Even our thoughts and attitudes are products of the past. If nothing changes, then our future will be more of the same.

If change can be effected, then our future will change, and we will not be governed by the same old thoughts and attitudes.

If we are perfectly happy, then why change?

If we are not perfectly happy, then change can occur when we admit that we’re not perfectly happy. If we believe we are fixed entities, then we are caught in a belief system that is a prison of obscurity.

If we spend our precious time dwelling on the past, we will never know now. Despite the fact that we experience moments of nowness, their importance goes unnoticed because we find them boring; we miss the simple experience of living. Now is where wisdom resides; the past was confusion. Confusion dawns as wisdom when we recognise the confusion.

Simply put – it is wisdom itself (pure essence) that is recognising the confused mind.

“I’m confused!”
There’s your answer!

Pure essence mistakenly identifies with a confused mind which we call “I”.
This “I” identity will always be confused.

We are the wisdom (pure essence) that is not confused about our confused mind,
realising that confusion never existed.

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