In This Horrendous, Fear-Mongering, Complex World …

… we need a simple teaching of absolute truth. One that is easy to remember, even at death, and can be proven by anyone at any moment. Neither a belief system nor imagination, it is free from contamination and elaborations.

What is that absolute truth? Conscious Awareness.

Conscious awareness is ever-present, free from all the comings and goings. When realised, happiness is realised. When realised, compassion is realised.

The world remains horrendous, fear-mongering and complex … and smug, terrorising, smug, insensitive, smug, poverty-stricken, smug … but now we understand that it cannot help itself because it is owned by ideas.

The more we are owned, the more we react.
When we are free, we are no longer owned.
We are no longer possessed!

We can only realise this by seeing and living the crap.
To pretend is to ignore.

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