Still Think You Aren’t Good Enough?

Our present thoughts, behaviour, reactions and judgements are products of our past actions: this is our programme. If we are unaware, it is we who create more of the same, rather like watching a film of ourselves playing a part … “There my programme goes again!” It’s as if we are encoded to be ‘down on ourselves’, even though we appear to be ‘bigging ourselves up’! Whatever happens, it is just background noise – a background programme running, albeit pleasant or unpleasant.

For some strange reason, our clinging to this self programme makes us feel safe and secure. It’s like living in an abusive relationship with ourselves; we think we cannot get out.

So what do we do?
All that matters is awareness.

The moment we are aware of our habitual reactions and stop, allowing space in the situation, we are no longer replaying the karmic game – and in fact, we produce no karma. All that matters is awareness: when awareness refines, the future changes, along with our intelligence. We open up a new timeline.

Of course, the mess we find ourselves in – beautiful or otherwise – is still a mess, but that is just our karmic accumulation.

“Okay, but others have it so much better.” Do they? Do you really want to be in their shoes? Superficially, appearances can appear to be better. And anyway, our lot is our lot, and their toys are just expensive toys. All that matters is awareness.

Now we can begin to accept things as they are. We stop fighting and struggling. When that happens, we find peace.

“Okay, but others have it so much better!” Maybe … but now you realise that you are good enough because you are the only one to recognise your patterning: as a result, that which needs to be dropped, falls away, and that which needs to be enhanced is refined. The less we have to maintain and protect, the more generous we can be with ourselves. That is using intelligence.

If we are not reacting the way we did in the past, that in itself is a refinement, an upgrade. Our life is full of toys; some believe their toys to be more important than the toys of others.

All that matters is awareness.
Perfection is in the awareness, and not in outer manifestations.

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  1. marcel says:

    Joos van Craesbeeck, The tentation of St Antoine, 1650, 78x116cm, Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe

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