Catching Demons
before they catch us

Fantasy media (which come in many forms: Hollywood, video games, art, news,
religion … ) places imaginary beliefs in the dark corners of our mind. Our reactions to this demonic activity have become so normalised that separation from reality goes unnoticed. Fantasy entertainment makes money. It’s an addictive illusion.

We see demons as destructive forces; they are mischief makers, twisters who are trying to control our collective consciousness.

Demonic activity is anything that distracts us from reality, causing us to believe in the illusion.

Reality is our verifiable true nature which is pure, undistracted, conscious awareness. Demons are illusions; all illusions are temporary phenomena. as they have no independent, permanent reality.

How does demon activity work?

It works through our very own likes and dislikes: they are the activators. Demons are a major part of our life; they represent our self-centred-ness. Once activated, we become preoccupied and unable to concentrate. It is this behaviour that we have to catch – that very moment that these obsessive likes and dislikes appear. Then we cannot be captured.

Conscious awareness of the four enlightened activities neutralises demonic activity (for more information, search this blog for “the four enlightened activities”). People, Hollywood, video games, art, news, religion … these are exploitative, even subtly so: the aim is to engender a reaction that they can feed off. Social media of all kinds feeds off this opinion-frenzy, and someone, somewhere, makes money.

If we don’t react to this agenda, there is nothing for them to gain. We do not consent, but remain in spacious awareness. Their demons no longer activate our demons 😉

Be on the look out for them and catch ’em
when they are about to arise.

Like a thief entering an empty house,
we have nothing to lose and they have nothing to gain.
There is therefore no crime.

Now comes the most important point …
Be kind to them, as they have no reality.

They are merely a belief
caught in imagination.

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