Objective Dharma and Subjective Dharma

Objective: not dependent on the mind for existence.
Subjective: dependent on the mind or on an individual’s perception for its existence.

Objective Dharma is the facts in actuality – that we are pure awareness.

Subjective Dharma is the actual experience of realising pure awareness.

The Buddha taught about absolute reality and the obstacles to realising that, but advised that we test his words to see if they are true; only then do we know. The teachings are all about arriving at pure, compassionate awareness: we use whatever means or methods suit our temperament to arrive at this conclusion for ourselves.

Learning words is not enough; we have to realise those words. So we could say that the Buddha’s words are not the truth, but the realisation of those words is the truth.

When we go to a teacher or a Dharma centre, we will only ever get general information. The actual experience of this information turns into knowledge when we sit in stillness, and reveals realisation of the truth.

A teacher can tell us the truth – lots of people can tell us the truth – but it is down to us as individuals to discern what is true. There are those who look down on logic and reason, but in this day and age, it is vital!

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Most days it seems to me like a losing battle dealing with a society uncapeable of “compassionate awareness”because most of society has zero empathy and compassion due to being on anti-depressants and other medications, along with the harmfull frequencies we’re being subjected too that scramble peoples brains….I’m temporarily trapped in a world of the brainless unaware idiots and criminals that are nothing more than living soul-dead zombies !
    With the exception of only a few like myself and you !

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