Awareness! Awareness! You’re Always Going On About Awareness!”

It’s what Spirituality is all about.
It’s what Buddhism is all about.
It’s what going back to the beginning is all about.
It’s what the alpha and omega is all about.
It’s what happiness is all about.
It’s what love is all about.
That’s how important awareness is!

Everything we think and do comes from awareness or consciousness. And this awareness or consciousness may be pure or impure – spontaneous or programmed. These two aspects are what cause us either suffering or liberation, which is the cessation of suffering (for ‘suffering’, we can use the word dissatisfied).

How does this affect me?”

We are awareness, or rather, pure awareness. ‘Me’ is just an collection of assumed ideas which is open to attack and has to be defended. As such, it is ruled by hopes and fears. In truth, there is no ‘me’: it’s a false assumption that everyone follows, and so we also follow.

Awareness has two aspects;
awareness is aware of something other than awareness
awareness is aware that there is nothing but awareness, empty of other.

When we are aware of something other than awareness, we become encapsulated; we are attached. When awareness is aware of awareness , t realises that it is free; it is detached.

What is so important about detachment?”

We are no longer controlled by external events. Of course, at this moment we are limited by our previous actions, the consequences of which have to be played out, but our future will change when we end our attachment to situations.

But my situation is comfortable and gives me security.”

Nothing lasts, except awareness – or rather, pure awareness. We are never without pure awareness – it’s what we truly are. Whatever we have done in life, pure awareness has always been present. Awareness is the source of everything, and awareness is the source of liberation – enlightenment.

We are merely attached to mistaken assumptions. When we detach from these assumptions, we can then take a fresh, spontaneous look; this is wisdom-intelligence.

Only in the moment now is there pure awareness,
free of thoughts and emotions.
This is non-meditation/non-duality.
It is from the continuity of non-duality
that we can approach situations with a detachment
that has a genuine, caring quality.

That’s love.

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  1. marcel says:

    Hommage to Vincent..

  2. marcel says:

    We, my brother Vincent and me, were born in a place just 10 kilometers from Vincent’s Van Gogh’s birthplace, Zundert in The Netherlands.. Story goes that his paintings couldn’t be sold on the local market, considered to be artefarkts of a crazy man.. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For those with ears, hear! For those with eyes, see. It’s among us. It’s here!

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