Routine Recitations and Karma

Karma is the personal programming in our mind that affects our behaviour: it is the result of previous actions, which creates reactions. It’s how habits are formed. Whatever happens in the mind affects the brain, in the way our synapses are joined up. It’s our software – the programming of our hard drive. As our actions are usually self centred, we re-programme ourselves continuously. We consent to becoming a conformists; we conform to a pattern.

Spiritual recitations turn us into non-conformists, and can break this karmic chain that enslaves us … if they’re done properly! This is not to do with how we do it – with the ‘right’ ceremony – but why we do it.

Doing hundreds of thousands of prayers or mantras could be merely part of programming if we do it as a good luck charm. Knowing the meaning of the words helps, but real fruition is genuine regret for wasting time by forgetting our true nature, and genuine compassion for other sentient beings who have forgotten their true nature.

If we do not have a genuine aspiration, then the recitation loop will just be the same as the conformist loop. If we want to break out of the programme, we must know our intention. This is a personal matter.

Do we have to do recitations? No. But if it helps to focus, then why not? Recitations may be done either verbally or mentally – whatever works for you.

If this approach seems vague and ‘blurs’ in the mind, it may reveal how strong the programming is, and how much we identify with it. ­

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  1. crestedduck says:

    ~The Lord is the one who gives us the ability to live within His will. It’s a divine promise: If we believe Him and move forward in obedience, He’ll show us what we’re to do and then will energize us to get it done. Philippians 2:13 says that God Himself “is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.” There’s nothing to fear: You never have to take on His work in your own strength, and He won’t ask you to do anything that He will not enable you to carry out. The Father is committed to equipping His children to do whatever He asks.~
    Like creating this site to share knowledge and helping me get to where I must go and to complete this awesome mission I was sent to fulfill before returning back to God/Source!

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