An Inflamed Immune System And Depression – Or Worse!
Inflammation of the brain

We think that the immune system is the key mechanism…life events trigger changes in the immune system, priming it to increase the risk of depression”. *

They say, “The key to depression is the immune system.”
But what are those life events that trigger change?
Is it something we digest physically and mentally?

The key is being unaware of what is happening to us.

* Link:

The Inflamed Mind First aired Aug 24, 2016 BBC Radio 4 Presented by James Gallagher.
Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan

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  1. I always thought of it the other way round: the key to the immune system is mental wellbeing (and awareness as you say). If I am depressed I am more susceptible to physical illness. Perhaps it is a two-way relationship.

    The cynic in me thinks that for depression to be caused by a poor immune system is exactly what pharmaceutical majors would want to be the case…

    • tony says:

      Hello Orchidslantern,
      I agree with you, that it’s a two way thing.
      And, mental wellbeing results in spiritual wellbeing.

      Cynical? Not at all!
      Look up a book by Barry Groves called “TRICK AND TREAT”. We are tricked into eating bad food, and treated by the pharmaceutical companies – both make great exaggerated profit.

      Barry also has a web site called SECOND OPINION, it’s all there, with links.

      When we feel low, we feel run down, and ‘they’ want us to take pills.

      Meditation does take the stress out of the mind, but we also have a residue from early trauma left in the ‘subtle body’. A situation occurs and we feel an energy rising in the body. Gentle vase breath will take this down.

      There’s a video on this blog, called Inner Wind or Subtle Body, that should help.

      Nice to chat,

  2. crestedduck says:

    That’s great article, and I agree with the Dr’s, But what they totally failed at was recognizing the unlimited effects from frequencies. For 50 years+ I’ve suffered with so-called “allergies”, but that’s just not true ! Being targeted with UHF/ULF and microwave frequencies causes the immune system to go into hyper-mode and produces ” HISTAMINES” that cause all of the different allergic reactions in the body to start with. Until the so-called professional Dr’s get educated about this truth there will always exist ” plausable deniability” ! Over 50 years dealing with this shit and being a target individual is enough to cause a man to go insane …….But for the grace and protection from God…I would have lost my mind and killed myself , and I did try after 30 days on the meds they started to change my brain chemistry and started a chemical labotomy ! I was never warned by dr’s of any side effects when was put on ssri’s. I’ve been weened off them for years now and now on a mission to point out these facts whenever I get a chance , like now !
    When was3rd & 4th grade they operated on my face and put implants in during supposed nasal surgery, within a month afterward I started to get muscle spasms and feel pulsing in my nervous system and acting out of character, and my sister…who’s bed was up against the wall in her room so through the wall our headboards were positioned back to back with the wall between us.
    My sister started banging her head on the pillow and crying every night and that continued for years from that starting point onward. I was also pulled out of class for “hearing tests” every couple weeks, and would have to tell when could hear the high frequencies or feel them inside !
    MY BEHAVIOR WAS VERY CLOSELY WATCHED THAT WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR AND THE NEXT BY A NEW TEACHERS ASSISTANT THAT WAS BROUGHT INTO THE “AUSTIN T LEVY SCHOOL” IN HARRISVILLE, RI…AKA “BURRILLVILLE~ RHODE ISLAND” ! Dad also always was working for AT&T and the USAF my whole life with his govt. secret clearances . He used to go down to South America every year with the USAF bigwigs and their secret clearances, and he was involved with AT&T Secret Projects and spent much time in upstate NewYork at their facilities around Albany area and Syracuse too . I could go on for days with true stories with names and places to prove my life story is 100% true and verifiable !

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