Every Day Is A Bad News Day
or is it?

What can we do in a world of fear-mongering news and manipulated trivia? People are vulnerable, and so can be exploited to accept more taxes, more surveillance, more wars, more toxic food, more chemical intervention, more laws, more entertainment, more intrusion and restriction in their lives. So what can we do? We can be more aware that we are being manipulated.

“That’s all a bit depressing!”
The key to enlightenment is feeling of ‘being’ weighed down, pressed down = depression.

“The key to enlightenment is depression?! But I thought the key to enlightenment was understanding!”
It is, but to understand something is to perceive the intended meaning in its entirety. That means to experience for ourselves what it actually feels like, rather than just collecting well-considered words.

Awareness itself will not change the world (until more people wake up from the dream machine) but it will change the reactions of hope and fear in our mind. The universe is as it is, in constant turmoil and change. Cause and effect create another cause and effect …

As spiritual seekers, we are aware of the annoying, depressing ‘grit’ in the mind – that we may see as an obstacle to realisation. But we are still vulnerable people, and can thus be exploited, so remaining in the dream machine. Striving to be pure and holy, we want to free ourselves of the ‘grit’: this isn’t clarity – it’s trying to rid ourselves of uncomfortable feelings.

We may be told to surrender and renounce our attachment to the grit. Gurus may tell us, “Don’t look at the bad. Appreciate what is good, and you’ll feel better.” So we isolate ourselves from the irritating world of bad news, and become ensnared in the spiritual dream machine. This is living in fear, and hoping the guru will put it all right. Life isn’t like that. We know that when we solve one problem, we are blessed with another. This is how we learn, if we are open to experiences. Pure consciousness is just having experiences, neither good nor bad.

I’m clearing our loft space at the moment, and have found that we are blessed with a rat and dead mice, along with insulation contaminated with droppings … and a wasps’ nest … and holes in the wall … and a ladder that’s too short … and I’ve other chores waiting to be attended to.

Accepting that every day is just a news day – neither good nor bad – it is dealing skilfully with past karma – one’s own and what others’ karma left behind. The actual day is teaching us something. We can either stay depressed, or we can deal with each arising, moment by moment, which is quite enlightening.

When we learn, we are no longer in the dark, and are therefore enlightened, rather than weighed down by confusion.

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