What If “Enlightenment” Wasn’t A Reality …
nor life after death?

I’m not saying that these concepts are true or untrue, but as spiritual scientists, we should be able to look at all possibilities. This is only, “What if?” Where does that leave us? Are enlightenment and reincarnation just hearsay? Stories from the past? They may be inspiring, but what if you do not believe in them? Not everyone does, and if we don’t believe, we cannot make ourselves believe.

Because teachers and teachings talk about the truth of reality – pure awareness and the obstacles to pure awareness – we assume that when omniscient enlightenment and reincarnation are mentioned, those are also true.

We should be able to address this. Are we convinced? How were we convinced? Maybe we joined up the dots too quickly, or allowed others to join them up for us.

Funnily enough, the very ideas of enlightenment and reincarnation could sound like a powerful hope-and-fear scenario: we hope to become enlightened and fear a worse incarnation. What a can of worms! If reincarnation isn’t a reality, then karmic effects in future lives aren’t a reality. There are no longterm consequences to our actions, and our birth was just luck … or bad luck.

I hope this is going somewhere good!”

The teachings on our pure nature, which is pure awareness or consciousness, still stand. If we remain present in the absolute present moment, then there is no suffering. Suffering and worry only occur when we consider what happened in the past (even a moment ago) and project expectations into the future. If we are happy just to solve problems in the now, and do our best to remember to remain calm and collected, then nothing can disturb us; we must therefore be happy. With practice, we remember more frequently, and this happiness gradually fills our entire life: the more positive we feel, the happier we are and the more confidence we have – and the more unshakeable we feel. As our frequency rises, so does our energy, which expands to others through compassionate activity. Bad stuff still happens, but we cruise through it, never losing our sanity or intelligence. It’s a good way live life – a job well done. Goodwill triumphs over evil – light diminishes darkness – knowing eliminates not knowing.

What happens then? We’ll have to wait and see for ourselves. The questions of “enlightenment” and reincarnation have to be held as suspended possibilities. All the teachings about our true nature and the obstacles to realising that nature still stand up. When we realise something, an enlightenment occurs. We are happy, as no outside force can disturb us; there will be little disturbances, bits of grit, but these are not long lasting as we are no longer clinging. There are still bad things going on, and mistaken views maintained and acted out, but this doesn’t steal or distract pure awareness.

We see stupidity. We turn around and there’s another example. It’s all round. Our past is all our own consent, whether we realised it or not, so we have to live it out … happily!

I create a mess. I spend my life trying clear the mess up, and I still leave a mess 😀 Ask my wife! Well, there is always something to attend to, in a creative way! Inspiration can be addictive 😀 😀 😀 😀

The belief in reincarnation has a positive psychological effect of never giving up, and maybe the ancient masters are correct. Belief is two-sided; we either trust or do not trust.
We are free to choose our own psychological profile (guideline), and live with the effect.

It doesn’t matter whether what we’re are doing is mundane: positivity is everything.
Every scenario is bound up in humour and joy – and if it goes wrong, there is still joy because we had a go and learned something. This describes my soup-making experiences … 😀

Don’t doubt!

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