Our Greatest Problem And Our Salvation Is ….
… me

‘Me’ is an idea or image we have collected throughout life, starting at a very young age; this idea just gets heavier and heavier. Buddhism asserts that we brought a temperament with us from a previous incarnation. This self image isn’t easy to recognise, as we (absolute nature) are submerged in and smothered by concepts. We are a Buddha in the mud, locked into this self identity – but we can free ourselves! Absolute nature constantly goes unnoticed – the great cosmic joke is that it is this absolute nature that is aware of the antics of the me 😀

If we can accept what we are (this great mistaken view), then we recognise our path, and our teacher. This is not about how great the guru is; it’s about how great you are!
You – absolute reality – recognising this false reality, this me.
“Split a piece of wood, and I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me.”

When that happens, celebrate!

We do not have to be learned. We do not have to know all. We do not have to be perfect. We just have to know that we are … stuck. Our situation and our level of education don’t have to be a hinderance: these things are karmic, and therefore neither good nor bad, although they may be unpleasant.

We do not have to feel guilty or unworthy
when we just accept what we are
– perfection within imperfection –
which is the perfect result of karma!

Perfect comes from perfect.
Perfect, imperfect beings can realise perfection.

Know thyself.

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