Insight And Bias

Insight is direct seeing.
Bias is holding on to what is seen.

This is how our cleverness can imprison us, and limit understanding. We are too quick to find fault.

Direct seeing is pure conscious awareness just seeing. It notes the nature of a situation, person or group, and drops any ideas, staying open to possibilities. An example: A red car speeding, or a person talking non stop: there is no opinion present, but merely observation.

This doesn’t mean that we ignore a particular peculiarity: we just do not hold on to this recognition as it impedes us mentally, fossilising prejudices which form the preconceived opinions that will arise at the next meeting. If we fixate on others’ fixations, it is we who are incapable of change. Their incapacity becomes our incapacity as we cannot let go.

However, having been pre-warned, we are prepared at the next meeting. No surprises, so no reaction. We recognise the old patterning and do not react. This means we stay in control of our situation.

Freedom from within
is letting go of all concepts.

First, we recognise the concepts,
and then we know what to let go.

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