Meeting with a teaching.

When we are beginners, thoughts and emotions are very powerful, and can be overwhelming. We get easily upset, so we have to take back control through meditation and understanding. We stop our ideas running amok through watching-the-breath practice. This gives us a short respite, and we gradually gain control and insight into ourselves. Realisation is more than an acquired idea; we evolve, and are no longer governed by our past.

Firstly, we have to acknowledge stillness, and occurrences within that stillness – light and my shadow. Then there comes a moment when we realise something – or it is pointed out: that the shadow is only known by virtue of the light! They are inseparable. As we advance, we find that thoughts and emotions are inseparable from emptiness: emptiness is clear light. The computer in front of you is inseparable from the space it occupies. It’s like that.

When does the change take place? At the right time, right place, right motivation, right confusion! 😀

Shabkar Tsokdrug Rangdrol:
… “The more emotions and thoughts, the more dharmakaya. You should know that is how it is…”

… “For beginners, when emotional thought states arise too powerfully, it is beneficial first to analyse and then rest…”

Even though we may have been given the pointing out instruction, strong emotional thoughts like doubt, pride, anger, fear, jealousy, desire … still arise. Merely be aware that awareness is present all the while, and let go. In the moment of recognition and letting go, there is nothing but pure awareness.

This is timeliness of timelessness.

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