The Art Of Being Happy Being You

Our spiritual path is the dissolution of our confusion regarding what we truly are. What we are is the lucid clarity that illuminates every thing perceived. That is the light. The confusion is believing that every thing perceived has a reality and is permanent; when we grasp and hold on to our beliefs, emotions arise. This clinging is the product of past, collective misunderstanding – “They do it, so I do it!”

Every time past reactions are observed, disillusionment can take place. Disillusionment means we are no longer caught by an illusion; the opposite of caught is dropped! Enlightenment is ‘being’ no longer deceived. Confusion becomes wisdom (but of course, at our stage, these are little drops of enlightenment ;D). In fact, pure consciousness has never been confused … just temporarily distracted, time and time again over many lifetimes.

Every time we just perceive, that is the continuity of the luminosity of a clear view – clear light. If this view is held on to, that is the continuity of confusion and suffering. Maintaining the view is giving up the view.

Recognising and admitting the way we are, with all our hang ups, is our path. This path, our path, was the creation of our previous actions which were caused by confusion. Be grateful for the recognition. Be happy.

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