The Buddha’s Teachings Are Secret
but open to anyone who values them.

It is the same for any exoteric, spiritual practice. It is a private matter; it is the heart of the incomprehensible via the comprehensible. The Buddha’s teaching is for those who have the motivation to realise their true nature, and become ‘enlightened’ for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The teachings are not concerned with obtaining status, wealth, or power. If we use the teachings for such purposes, our future will result in suffering, precisely because this mis-understanding will enhance selfish motivations. This is why, out of compassion, some teachings are restricted.

Of course, if our motivation is one of wanting to understand and commit, then teachings are available: “Knock and the door will open!” Funnily enough, practitioners seem to get what they need, if their needs are few.

Unfortunately, the New Age movement has cherry-picked ancient teachings without truly understanding or even practising them, and as a result, it’s easy to become ‘hot under the collar’. This is why we need a complete understanding.

Dharma practice is one of peace and quiet, retreat, lack of interruption, seclusion and solitude while being open to others’ needs. A practitioner knows how to balance life within a spiritual direction. Balancing ordinary life and spiritual understanding seems to connect the right and left sides of the brain, making life more creative … and fun! The simple things become more enjoyable.

Whatever our karma offers is down to our prior motivations.
We all have longing; it just needs to be clarified.
That longing is love.
This love is innate and ‘just there’, but will remain a secret until we realise the true nature of all sentient beings.

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