When The Light Dims, Darkness Begins

Spiritually speaking, the light is the clarity of our being, which is empty essence. It’s the awakened state. If we have not been introduced to the reality of this truth, or have forgotten or been distracted, that clarity dims, and confusion/emotions/darkness begins. In the darkness, we then grasp and fixate on everything we meet.

So, who is to blame?

If we are not introduced to the nature of mind, our essential nature, then we will remain in darkness, believing that there is a light switch somewhere. Almost all the world is in this darkness. We cannot be blamed because we know no better. We are just human creatures going about our business, following the collective in the dark: it’s literally the blind leading the blind. It’s scary when you think about it, but this is not the case when we can empathise, and so have compassion for others’ predicament. Of course, we first have to have compassion for our own predicament! This is intelligence.

It is only when we have been introduced to the nature of mind that we then have a choice. The light only seems to dim, because it is present all the time but goes unnoticed. Dimming occurs when attention or awareness fixates on something other. It is in that moment of recognising the dimming that we can catch ourselves becoming lost, and re-recognise empty essence before the fixation/thought becomes full blown. Thus, we maintain stability: that is the way out of the darkness! When the light is on, we realise that the darkness never existed.

Light and dark are the inseparability of the two truths. Instantly, by one, the other is known. So there is no need to feel bad … just regret.

If we choose to stay in the dark, we can only blame ourselves. The moment that we recognise the blame and feel uncomfortable is actually the moment of re-recognition. We therefore don’t have to hold on to the guilt and blame; there is just a gentle regret for our forgetfulness. We are our own inspiration! Good, eh?!

Deep appreciation for this realisation is devotion – and this will brighten our life considerably.

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