Why Don’t We Practise?

It’s due to an inner mara demon.
What is an inner mara demon?
It’s our own likes and dislikes:

I’m too busy.”
I’ve better things to do.”
I don’t get anything out of it.”
I want something more.”

We are practising to become familiar with our true nature, and let go of the likes and dislikes of the habitual I, which is continually inventing and thus being distracted. We all have backgrounds that blur our present vision. Meditation – or any spiritual practice that works to clear the mind of distractions – is beneficial to us.

To put it more strongly: part of Manjushri’s prayer states: “… all of us afflicted by suffering, being enveloped in the dark ignorance in the dungeon of existence … awaken us from the slumber of the klesas (mental states that cloud the mind and manifest in unwholesome actions), freeing us from the chains of karma.”

Don’t we all want to end this stressful state we are in? We created our state, so we have to undo it. This why we practise. And there’s a bonus – the resulting clarity of mind produces insights, which come in many forms:

… realising the nature of everything …
… developing the ability join up the dots …
… being inspired to express, and the words just come …
… discovering previously unknown abilities …
… even becoming sceptical about present assumptions

These are all blessings.



We will never know what’s there
until we remove the crap.


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2 Responses to WHY DON’T WE PRACTISE?

  1. All of the reasons for not practising, all of the barriers as far as I can see, are put up by our egos. Meditation helps us to observe the ego and the ego hates that.

    • tony says:

      Hello Orchidslantern,
      That is so right, we feel uncomfortable when we have no place to hide.

      Just to be clear, and this is from a Dzogchen perspective, when pure awareness or pure consciousness, which is our true absolute nature, forget itself, it becomes conventional relative awareness or consciousness, the same as any creature.

      This relative awareness or consciousness only relates to phenomena and its own acquired image of itself, creating a self.

      When we cling to the self image, that clinging is called ego. hence the term ego clinging. It doesn’t actually exist as it is just a mental image.

      And as you say, it hates being reminded of this situation.

      Again from a Dzogchen view point, which is empty essence or pure conscious awareness, this clinging to appearances (when recognised) spontaneously reminds us of occurrences in emptiness, our true nature.

      This is the inseparability of the two truth.

      I apologise for a long reply, but you make a very important point.


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