Rumour, Gossip, Hearsay, Information = Noise

We all want to be in the loop: a group of persons communicating regularly about a specific plan or project. This happens in all walks of life, including conspiracy followers and spiritual followers.

Information is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of ideas. It is very important to understand that information is not necessarily personal knowledge or wisdom, but may be conveyed as such because of bias in its arrangement. This can skew our thinking, and therefore influence, affect, taint, pervert, warp, distort, bias, prejudice, or even poison how and what we see 😀 After all, it’s all noise in the mind!

I pick out ‘conspiracy’ and ‘spirituality’ because they are two important areas that affect our lives in a big way.

As an example:
We pick up information from a source. We may investigate this information from other common sources offering the same information. We may do this so well that we now become the source for the original source! How many ask questions to which they already know the answer? That question is merely to convey what is already known by the questioner in order to get some sort of recognition. Been there, done that! 😀 It’s just a phase.

This clearly happens with conspiracists and the spiritually inclined. We become the all-knowing authority … I’m in danger of this myself! I’m very aware that information must be a reflection of personal experience, that is provable from personal trauma.

All I’m saying is, be aware of the noise – and the whispering. Information may be true, or it may be merely deliberate propaganda put out by a tainted source. To repeat (many times :D) the Buddha said, “Don’t take my word for it; see for yourselves”. Also be aware that, for a untruth to be believable, it must have a element of truth within it: that’s called ‘doublespeak’.*

We can only be hypnotised if we consent to it: “Oh, you are so beautiful…your eyes are so lovely … your mind is so clear … you truly are enlightened …” 😀  Noise. Just noise!

*The term “doublespeak” comes from George Orwell’s book Nineteen Eighty-Four. Doublespeak is language that deliberately obscures, disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. Doublespeak may take the form of euphemisms e.g., “downsizing” for layoffs, “servicing the target” for bombing. This is intentional ambiguity in language or inversions of meaning. Doublespeak disguises the nature of the truth. It is political language: today, it is called “alternative facts”.

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  1. tony says:

    When the source becomes confused we fall “Down the rabbit hole”
    – a metaphor for an entry into the unknown,
    the disorienting or the mentally deranging.

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