The Object Of Meditation Is Not To Meditate!

Meditation is just a word. The object of meditation is to become aware or conscious of our true, real, actual, non-fictional, unimagined nature. What is that? It is the awareness or consciousness itself. Life itself.

It is not being a machine that is programmed only to be aware or conscious of something other, and not itself. Meditation can become a programme if we do not understand its true function, which is release from the programme!

When we are just aware, that is the moment when we can take the next step of realising that there is only awareness. That there is no ‘me being aware’, but just pure awareness, the same as pure consciousness. There is no meditator, and therefore no meditation. You can call it ‘union’, or ‘oneness’; it is the state of non-doing, of non-meditation.

Too often, we go into the routine of meditation and don’t really know what we’re doing. We just adopt a ‘posture’. This is because meditation has not been fully explained: if it had been explained then there would be no need to keep going back for the ‘extras’.

Non-meditation is freedom just to be.
It’s free as it is, and has always been our natural state.
Being is the natural essence of a person.

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