How Do I See Something Good In Everything I See?

Goodness is exactly the seeing itself.

Goodness is the quality of being good or right. What could be more good or right than the purity of that seeing? Of that perfect awareness?

Goodness knows. The saying, ‘goodness knows’, is a substitute for ‘God knows’. To know is to see, to be aware, to be conscious.

From an ultimate, spiritual point of view – which has to be pure conscious awareness – anything and everything that is perceived is but a reflection of that pure conscious awareness. Before something is seen, there must be the quality of seeing.

On a conventional level, we become fascinated by the appearances of phenomena, which we may find good or right, but on which we may fixate, and become stuck.

Ultimately, the goodness or rightness of phenomena is the quality of the perfect recognition of that reality that is actually experiencing and seeing. In that perfect recognition, perfect realisation can take place.

Good eh?!

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