Who Is To Blame For Everything?
The answer is …  empty essence!
Isn’t that surprising?

We may want to blame the Buddhas – or deities – for not doing more for mankind, but if they do anything, they would show bias. It is their very presence that inspires.

A pure state is not biased in any way: empty essence allows everything and anything to occur – delusion or enlightenment. It is totally unbiased.

It is awareness that chooses. Awareness can either claim things to itself, or let go and just be aware of its own true nature of empty essence. Empty essence isn’t bothered one way or the other; it remains unaffected.

It is only awareness in this pure state of emptiness that can comprehend how and why to be compassionate. It understands and empathises that no creature wants to be unhappy, and that their true nature is empty essence. Not knowing this, we suffer.

Empty essence is being.
Awareness is doing.
As a unity, they manifest inspiration.

Empty essence just sits and watches.
It is because awareness knows empty essence (its true nature) that awareness remains inspired.

Do we think that which is called ‘Buddha’ or ‘God’ is the same as or different to pure consciousness?  If it is the same, then Buddha/God is to blame for not doing anything, as the very essence of Buddha/God must be purity. Pure consciousness doesn’t do anything: it just is. Ordinary consciousness or awareness (which all creatures have, and which is impure as it is self-orientated) is free to choose which path to take: delusion or enlightenment.

As human beings, we are impure consciousness.
As spiritual beings, we are – potentially – pure consciousness.
Empty essence does not interfere; it remains uncontaminated.

Words have to be seen in context:
it’s easy to be led astray.
Don’t believe.

Here’s a Buddhist way of looking at the first two commandments from the Old Testament:
You shall have no other gods before Me.
You shall not make idols.”

There is nothing higher than pure consciousness.
We do not make a concept of pure consciousness:
it is not an idol of ourself to which we bow down.

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