How Can We Have Been So Stupid?
… to allow evil to prevail?

We have consented to being pushed into a corner, playing with our techie toys, and while ignoring the modification of our world around us. Haven’t you noticed how the ‘authorities’ are becoming more heavily equipped, using the same technology as those toys with which we are playing?

Freedom is avoiding falling into the same trap as the collective. Rather, it is waking up to our true potential, capacity and power, beyond the ever-narrowing auto-suggestions made by the collective, for the collective. This collective gathering is achieved either through attraction or fear; the soft or hard approaches. As long as we can be controlled by our desires and aversions, others can control us by our desires and aversions. You join a group, you follow the rules!

We have to wake up … now. Ultimately, we are independent: we are not all one. If we were all one, then we’d all think the same way at the same time: we only become one either through enlightenment or mass hypnosis.

It’s what advertising and propaganda is all about – neurolinguistic programming. This is the branch of linguistics dealing with the relationship between language and the structure and functioning of the brain that can change our behavioural patterns through programming, and convince us to achieve specific goals in life – which may not be of our own choosing!

Religions can do exactly the same thing, if the picture being presented is not complete. If we are led to believe something, we are consenting to an illusion. Crazy!

The proof of truth is in our actual, genuine experience. The only thing that is real is our own pure awareness, uncontaminated by suggestion.

We are in this type of world because we closed our eyes and went blind. How can we have been so stupid? All we have to do is look, see what is looking – which is consciousness – and drop that tether of consciousness: that which is left is the realisation that only purity remains. That is where we are. It is the inexpressible. The is-ness with no name.

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