The Insidious Side Of Oneness

‘Insidious’ means to ambush, to lie in wait, to proceed cunningly in a gradual, subtle way, with harmful effects.

Here, ‘oneness’ means not being different from the rest, not being an individual. Our reactions are confirmation that we are conforming. Left, right, centre … it doesn’t matter: we are either taking a side or we are a don’t-knower: either way, we’re still playing the game. We’re free when we stop re-enacting to type, and cease acting like a four year old. Religions want conformity. The alternative media is conforming by not wanting to conform. It’s all a trap. It doesn’t matter what we think we know, this is still a confusion in the mind. It’s the insidious clanger in the bell, making too much noise. Be aware. Be awareness. It will tell you everything you need to know.

We are led to conform by those in power who want to control, be it in politics, religion, commerce … they may even have created the idea of the ‘New Age’. Much was spoken about the Age of Aquarius, believed by some to herald worldwide peace and harmony. Do we actually see much of that around?

Whatever we are told, always look at the effect: it’s generally the opposite. We think we have choice when, in fact, we’re being sold a sugar-coated pill to make ideas seem superficially attractive or acceptable.

True oneness is the deep understanding of the inseparability of the two truths of reality and seeming reality.

We are being played, lied to and set up to be taken advantage of. We have been cheated by a series of actions or circumstances that have been allowed to happen – or deliberately planned. It is because we have a good heart that we readily believe, and this is being taken advantage of.

Within this good heart is all the teachings: it’s where truth resides. This good heart is our loving essence, which has become bewildered in all this chaos. We need tenacity to seek the truth and stay with it; we have to recognise, decide upon and gain confidence in pure perception. The very next moment depends on now. Whatever happens after death is due to what we are doing (and not doing) now. If we stay bewildered, we will stay bewildered.

Oneness is pure awareness. Awareness is relative truth, as all creatures have awareness. Pure awareness is uncontaminated emptiness, absolute truth. The realisation of the unity of these two is oneness, as in the fact that the emotions and wisdoms – in the first instant – are the same. We are at one with our true nature. Love is at one with another. Devotion is at one with manifesting truth.

The opposite to insidious is harm-less.

The Buddha said,
“Do good, do no harm, tame the mind.”
We have the teaching within us, now!

How we manifest this is the art of being
gentle-men and gentle-women = honourable.

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