Essence Cannot Be Improved Or Destroyed

Our primary nature is pure consciousness, pure love, that cannot be improved or destroyed. It is not a thing that is created from conditions. It just is. Sadly, this pure consciousness goes unnoticed because of attachment to a temporary, conceptual body, mind and world. And for some reason, nobody in my family explained this to me! 😀

This attachment causes obstacles, giving rise to levels of confusion. The cause of this confusion has to be recognised, along with an understand that this ‘confusion’ has absolutely no reality, but merely a seeming reality. Being at ease can reduce the potency of karmic obstacles: we stop blowing out of proportion those things that reinforce our deeply held beliefs about our sort of world.

Rest easy in whatever happens. The layers of confusion are our teacher, revealing the inner genius: the spirit with innate abilities, present from birth. But nobody explains this! 😀

Is this a conspiracy? Or is it just that they don’t know, because nobody explained it to them … 😀 Our lack of freedom is due to our attachments. Don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes because there is wool over their eyes.

We are only restricted by our own karma which is a set of ideas that we have acquired from others with whom we consented to agree: it’s a very subtle agreement – “You follow me, so I won’t get upset”.

The moment of recognition is the moment of freedom, in the moment now. We just have to be aware that our conceptual mind will drift back into a habit. We all return to our programming when we ignore what we are.

We don’t have to be a scholar to understand this: all it takes is awareness.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    “First of all, we must be in harmony with ourselves; we must come to accept ourselves. The best way to achieve this is to never compare ourselves with others, because the moment we do, we then judge ourselves inferior or esteem ourselves as superior, resulting in either an inferiority complex or an inflated ego. In both cases the result is a state of disharmony. To avoid this, it is best to begin with the principle that each of us is a unique being and that this uniqueness gives us our worth in God’s view, as well as in the eyes of humanity. Therefore, we should hold to our own standard, comparing ourselves only to ourselves—this being the key to our spiritual evolution.” Christian Bernard

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