The Recipe To End Karma

These are the ingredients to end suffering and reach enlightenment: generosity, patience, perseverance, discipline, meditation, and insight wisdom. These ‘perfections’ reduce and bring to an end the self-programming that inhibits our spiritual progress and holds us in darkness. It’s the path to freedom from karma – our conventional, habitual behaviour, which is the adoption of a conceptual mind of “Monkey see, monkey do.”

These five-plus-one perfections maintain our spiritual conduct in daily life, cutting through our usual, self-centred behaviour, and revealing our true, compassionate intelligence and inner happiness. We stop fighting with everyone, and in doing so, we realise selflessness. We rise above the street level of me first.

These perfections (or Paramitas in Sanskrit) are the route to enlightenment, but only when the sixth – insight wisdom – is present.

The first five benefit us on a conventional level, helping us to be decent, compassionate people. The sixth is transcendence. It may be here that confusion arises, as different traditions approach this differently. Some start with the first five perfections in order to discover the view of the sixth, whereas others start with the sixth and use the five to sustain that view (this the difference between Mahamudra and Dzogchen, and this is where we have to be careful when talking to others!).

Of course, remembering these ‘perfections’ in daily life could become an obstacle … “Do I apply this or that one?” If love or devotion is present, then that embraces all the “perfections”, but there may still be an ‘I’ present and so we hover between self-centredness and selflessness.

It is only pure awareness that covers everything, and pure awareness is the sixth perfection of wisdom-insight! There is no other way to enlightenment.

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