The Tsunami Of Suffering
created by the Tsumani of Ignorance.

It’s quite simple: if we ignore whatever’s going on in our own minds and our own consciousness, then how are we ever to know what external influences are obscuring our mind and consciousness? Obscure: From Old French obscur, from Latin obscurus:  ‘dark’, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘cover’.

We may hear or read information and think that we know, but that isn’t knowledge. It’s what we are told – the same old Tsunami of phrases, creating the great Tsunami of hypnosis. As long as we believe what we are told, life is delusionally simple. It’s the continuation of the same old story of make-believe.

To keep the darkness growing, we now have the Tsunami of snowflakes. These are the politically-correct who dictate how we should think and speak. Being over-protected as children, they melt down at the slightest exposure to real life situations They are prone to take offence, and less resilient than previous generations, being too emotionally vulnerable to cope with views that challenge their own. The snowflake agenda is to whip everyone up into an agitated froth.

Froth: a mass of small bubbles in liquid caused by agitation. Worthless or insubstantial talk, ideas, or activities.

The Tsunami of Froth.
Excitable empty gas.

The Tsunami of True Grit.
The emptiness of uncontaminated, compassionate confidence
that calms the waves of anxiety in the mind.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Lack of blatantly honest truth and subversive political correctness is destroying civilization !

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