Ignorance Is Intentional

It is interesting (and, in fact, obvious when one thinks about it), that ‘ignorance’ comes from the word ‘ignore’: to ignore, to refuse to take notice of or acknowledge. To disregard intentionally.

This means that we have to know something in order to ignore it. We may claim not to know, but this is due to the deeply engrained habit of ignoring, and so we seem to forget. When ‘it’ is pointed out, we re-cognise – we re-know – we remember. That which is being pointed out is nothing new. That which is being pointed out is what we already know, but had forgotten to notice because we have been otherwise occupied. What is it that’s being pointed out? It is our very own awareness, consciousness itself. And that consciousness, when investigated, is pure: it is neither polluted nor poisoned by false ideas of self.

When we feel embarrassed, we are ‘self’ conscious. This embarrassed ‘self’ is a false self-image – an idea we hold about ourselves which is not entirely accurate – and we know it. Actually, it is an arrogant, puffed-up image, and for this reason, we lack confidence and become aggressive, annoyed and angry because we feel vulnerable. This state of mind has become normal for humanity at this time.

There are two other powers at work: wisdom and evil are eternal influences on humanity.

Wisdom makes us feel effective; able to accomplish.
Evil makes us feel ineffective.
Ignorance makes us feel, “Why bother? It doesn’t matter.”

Wisdom uncovers consciousness.
Evil covers up consciousness.
Ignorance is pulling the covers over our own head because we feel ineffective, and thus we become inattentive.

These are the three states in our world – the good, the bad and the trivial – and we can easily see how the majority exists, who the manipulators are … and who the detectives are!

Wisdom and evil are at work in the universe: both understand the tendencies of humanity. One wants to enlighten humanity so that it can see its own wisdom, while the other wants to abuse and exploit humanity to enslave it.

One points out consciousness directly, and the other wishes to obscure consciousness constantly.

We may find wisdom annoying as it entails effort on our part, whereas evil can appear alluring and comforting – but ignorance is not bliss!

Unfortunately, this knowledge may not register: it may not have any effect because of our being in a trance of deep forgetting and strong clinging. We may feel angry about this being pointed out, but that anger is light.

We just need time to remember. We remember by taking time to meditate and realise our true nature.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    The energy flows where the focus goes, at same time .

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