The Kabbalah And Dzogchen

All religions have their esoteric side and their exoteric side.
Esoteric – understood by the few (within)
Exoteric – intended for the general public (outside)

Why? This might relate to interest and capacity, or it could be a control mechanism. It all depends on how open and ready we are, and what karma brings our way.

The Kabbalah and Dzogchen
are not secret teachings.

They are teachings of the secret:
to be at one.

Kabbalah = received
Dzogchen = pointed out

The esoteric aspect of religion is beyond the customs of religion. It is to be ‘at one.’ This may mean the same in all religions, or it may be interpreted slightly differently depending on the understanding of the interpreter.

When caught up in religion, there is much to argue about. Ultimately, there can be no interpretation, but only realisation beyond comment, and beyond metaphysical speculations.

Looking at other views may help us free ourselves from our religious generalisations. This is a personal choice, and it demands great openness.

There are two sides to religions:
non-dual reality and dual reality.

Being ‘at one’ means that there is nothing with which to compare.
There can be no other.

Can it mean anything else?

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