Reverence For Our Own Sanity

Reverence for our lucidity of mind, and reverence for our body and speech, takes back responsibility and control, ascending to the dignity of our full potential. Reverence is not self indulgent excess: it is just knowing what is necessary. This is using our authentic intelligence, and it is then that we may relate to others’ potential sanity by using authentic compassion.

A deep respect for our own enlightened nature is being at one with the enlightened nature of those thus gone – known as Tathagata: ‘one who has thus gone’ or ‘one who has thus come’ or rather … ‘thou art that’.

Even if we have not attained enlightenment, the enlightened nature is still our potential. We do not constantly have to slouch or bend down. Anyone who turns their mind to their true nature should be revered. We are all beginners. Each level of understanding is a stepping stone for the next level.

Sanity is having good mental health.
May we attain perfect sanity!

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