Mind The Crack!

Thoughts give the appearance of being a solid flow, but between those thoughts there is a gap – the crack of light that is the essence of our true nature. This constant flow of thoughts seems real enough, but it is precisely because these thoughts come and go that we see they are impermanent, having no inherent reality of their own.

Reality, as perceived by most humans, is actually a simulated reality. How do we know? Through familiarisation, which is called meditation, we recognise that we are not our thoughts, as those thoughts are observable.

As the crack grows, more light pours in. The light has always been there, but was obscured by the appearance of thoughts and ideas about our self, which is our simulated reality. That light, that luminosity, is awareness. When the light of awareness realises itself, then our true nature is realised simultaneously. We are that light. It’s what we are – clear light, clear awareness.

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