Dharma Chat

I love discussing the Dharma but, on reflection, the Dharma is about what is going on in our own mind right now. We can go to teachings and listen to enlighten our path. We can ask questions of the teacher, and the teacher will reply from their own tradition and in their own style – but the Dharma is still about our own experience, rather than what’s written in a book or, in fact, what someone else says. As the Dharma is our own experience, discussing the Dharma with others is little precarious as we each have our own experience and leanings. Discussion may clear up a point, but it’s sometimes like talking to aliens πŸ˜€

It all comes down to what is looking, and that is pure consciousness, hidden behind various veils.

Personally, I’ve never met a Buddhist – or any other religious person – that I can talk to (come to think of it, it’s just as difficult to communicate with family members!). We have to talk in generic terms, and not get too close. This is why retreats are silent and we practice in solitude, as we each have our own rituals and ways of practicing. A meeting of minds in momentary – and that’s fine.

The Buddha’s teaching isn’t about doing this and that. It refers to consciousness itself that is aware in its purest form – emptiness. There isn’t anything to say about emptiness, except that it is called Shunyata in Sanskrit! πŸ˜€

The Buddha’s teaching is about realising our true nature, and the hinderances that confuse that realisation.

Still, having said this, if you want to discuss anything – there are always niggling questions – you can write to buddhainthemud@hotmail.com You will always get ‘an’ answer; it may not the best answer, but it will be supportive! Questions clarify, and any answer that you get back can then be reflected upon. It’s up to you whether to agree or not.

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2 Responses to DHARMA CHAT

  1. su says:

    1987. A year that was for me much like this year, energetically. I found myself opening to new ideas, Buddhism among them, meditation, read a lot of Carlos Castaneda. Did some cutting edge marriage counselling. One night my ex and I had a real conversation. Happened once. I said something, he thought about it, changed it and presented the idea to me. I thought about it, changed it and presented the idea to him. We did this for a while. In the end we had a concept of something neither of us had ever had before nor seen before that was beautiful. Conversation. Never happened really like that with anyone again, I have learned and changed ideas and created much but not in talking in one space with someone ❀

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