We Live In A World Of Two Ignorances

These are known as ‘co-emergent ignorance’ and ‘conceptual ignorance’:
We ignore our true nature, and we maintain that ignorance.

Because consciousness forgets its true essence of uncontaminated, pure clarity, when it looks out at the universe, it fixates on everything as being real and permanent. Being attracted or repelled it (we) creates in our mind a seemingly permanent reality.

This is a limited, frozen reality of confusion; it’s a dumbing down of intelligence. If things were, in fact, solid and unchanging, nothing could be created or destroyed. There would be no movement, and our understanding would never change. If this was indeed true, life would be a worse nightmare than it is now. But that isn’t the case (thank goodness :D).

We live in a world where the populace is ignorant of their true essence – and desperate to maintain this ignorance in order to provide a (false) sense of security. This is the illusion in which we live, causing a hell of misery in the world. There is a children’s saying, “Sticks and stone may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Nowadays, because of super-sensitivity, we have become vulnerable and paranoid, and therefore believe that we can be attacked by words.

True security lies in our true nature.
We are not what we see or believe.

That which sees is the pure clarity of essence.
It is the only certainty that never changes.
It not a physical ‘thing’ and can never be harmed.

It can only be ignored.

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