I Am Not Good Enough

I’m not generous enough, patient enough, disciplined enough, or have enough concentration or knowledge. I am, in fact, defective. Should I be depressed?* The answer is NO!

The point is that if we know we have these ‘failings’, there must be a knowingness present to be aware of this. True knowledge is within, but we may have difficulty in manifesting it due to our narrow environment. We judge ourselves (and others) by conventional standards, which are defective as they maintain a limited view of reality, concealing the uniqueness of our ultimate nature of pure consciousness. We can never be without pure consciousness – it’s what we are. It can, however, be covered up, masked, distracted. External contaminates can mess with the brain, and so the mind, but not essence.

We may well appear imperfect on a conventional level, but ultimately, there is perception, awareness, consciousness, the senses: we see – and that’s good enough. We only appear to be not good enough when we relate to others in the relative world. There are always people more generous, patient, disciplined, concentrated, knowledgable than us so, on a conventional level, we are all different.

We have potential. We are good enough. If there are people who appear smarter than us on a conventional level, it does not mean that they will realise their true nature sooner. We have all we need right now … a good heart. We all want to love.

Ultimately, we are all pure consciousness. It is just there in every being, as it is our true nature, which is love. There are many paths and traditions but ultimately, the fruition is just our pure essence realising itself.

We are all good enough; it’s just a matter of realising that.

*(Did you know ‘they’ still use electroconvulsive therapy on people who are depressed? https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/oct/20/electroconvulsive-therapy-ect-mostly-used-women-older-people-nhs )

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