Recognising The Problem Is The Solution

Our greatest problem is identifying the problem. Once that’s done, the problem – whether it’s electrical or plumbing or spiritual – can be solved. Everything is solvable once we identify the problem.

We may find ourselves dissatisfied or depressed: once we recognise the cause of that, healing can take place. All we have to do is find a suitable method: teachings or transmissions can help us identify the problem. We have to take the plaster off the wound. Because we have had the courage to recognise the problem, the joy and satisfaction are priceless. Only then can we find the correct solution, and apply it.

The best advice my father-in-law (an electrical engineer) gave me was to look for the obvious disconnection, which means testing the whole circuit until you find the fault. This is the way of the universal teacher that tells you everything you need to know. And it costs nothing šŸ˜€

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