Is There God?

This is a dualistic question, and will produce a conventional, dualistic response.

There are four possible answers – yes, no, don’t know, don’t care – each of which is a fixated idea. On this relative level, there is no absolute realisation: we can only believe, or make an assumption, and these both obscure genuine experience.

If, however, we can acknowledge a doubt within each of those answers because we cannot be totally sure, then something miraculous can occur. That doubt might just be the key to realising the truth beyond our fixed ideas.

Doubt suspends speculation. A space is created in which to look, and then look again because there is a recognition that something unusual is happening. There is a presence of knowingness in not knowing! The realm of heaven is right here, right now.

In that undefined state beyond defined concepts is a timeless presence of purity that is within everything we see.

What would you call that?

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1 Response to IS THERE GOD?

  1. crestedduck says:

    The Holy Spirit or GodSpark Energy connecting all an connecting nothing ,at same time ?

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