An Example Of Intense Questioning
(and intense dissatisfaction)

Why are religions and spirituality so complex?
Why so many consciousnesses in Buddhism?
Why are there so many different traditions?
Why worship something outside and unseen?
Have people been misled for thousands of years?
How can all this be satisfactorily explained?

…I’ve been having a bit of intense reflection!

There is a intrinsic formula that has no complexity: in order to know darkness, we must innately know light.

Suddenly, it all seemed different. It wasn’t complex any more. There aren’t many consciousnesses: traditions merely emphasise or express ‘an’ aspect. There is nothing outside and unseen, as that would be pointless. We have been misled … And these questions can all be explained!

There is only one consciousness, which is purely conscious. It is the supreme view – the Lord of views – which enlightens everything. The Lord is consciousness.

We can, if we wish, place an emphasis on either ‘The Lord’ or ‘Consciousness’, or we can see them as one. A unity.

With realisation, even if a thousand Buddhas and teachers said we were wrong, we would still know we were right because there is nothing beyond this.

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