Is ‘Pure Consciousness’ Too Complicated?

Does this purity feel too distant and something to be attained,
with the effect of actually putting you to sleep?

There is only consciousness.

There are times when we review how something is expressed, and a change may take place: this has happened to me recently.

The term ‘pure consciousness’ implies that there is ‘impure consciousness”: this would be inaccurate. Consciousness just is. It is present all the time, and cannot be modified or harmed. We are consciousness right now, but we are surrounded by ideas, concepts and terminologies that separate us. Consciousness can be distracted, giving the illusion of ‘impurity’. There is an illusion of darkness, but light must be present in order to designate darkness.

Just using the word ‘consciousness’ brings it home, right now. Consciousness is awareness. It is only when consciousness is aware of something other than itself, that we become distracted and forget what we are.

Traditionally, in Tibetan Buddhism, there are said to be eight or nine consciousnesses, the ninth being pure consciousness – our true nature. The eight ‘so-called’ consciousnesses are the five faculties of perception – the senses, that are neutral – and thoughts derived from memory and judgment. This has always confused me.

We see.
We are seeing.
There is only seeing.

We are conscious.
We are consciousness.
There is only consciousness.

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